Lewis and Maese advisory offers services encompassing the full range of art, collectibles, and other merchandise. We service individual collectors, corporations, and estates.

Individual Collectors

Lewis and Maese will assist in creating value for your collection and how best to enhance its quality, while ensuring that any transaction is to your financial advantage. Our team will assist in representing the expertise of hundreds of specialists positioned around the globe.

Legacy, Estate, & Fiduciary Planning

Estate planning for artists’ estates and foundations and other not-for-profit models.

Artist Commissions, Installations, & Exhibitions

Assistance in planning, coordinating, and overseeing complex commissions; curating and managing collection installations or exhibitions.

Market Access & Intelligence

In-depth market analysis, including reports on auctions, fairs, and activity across the market.


For over 25 years, we have specialized in helping corporations dispose of assets, assess and manage their collections, find value in the art marketplace, and maximize the inherent value in their collections. As a result of our success and experience, we understand the nuances involved in partnering with large corporations. We are the most trusted estate and auction house. From negotiating contracts to sensitively handling messaging, we are able to assist you at every stage with many aspects of your collection. Lewis & Maese Auction Co. is pleased to offer a range of services to corporate clients, including the following:

Appraisal/Collection Review & Mark to Market Guidance

Collection assessment and analysis; assistance at all stages of acquisition or deaccession process. For purposes of insurance, fair market value, donation, indemnity, collateral loans, and auction estimates.

Collection Management

Cataloging and a detailed collection database; coordination and oversight of shipping, framing, installation, storage, and conservation.

Asset Disposal

Assistance with identifying works for acquisition on a corporation’s wish list; management of all aspects of the consignment process to sell property at every level.

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