Our team of professional and accredited appraisers and valuation experts provide valuations on inventories, estates, business and a variety of specialized items.

Our appraisals fall into two general categories, first estates and personal items. Second, corporate assets and inventories.

Appraisal of personal property includes but is not limited to estates, collectibles, tax related requirements, insurance based requirements, or valuations for personal transactions. Our experts can provide such services across many products lines including furniture, antiques, art, rugs, jewelry, automobiles and other collectibles.

Tangible & Intangible Asset Appraisals

To meet routine cash flow demands, many businesses find the need to take out loans or obtain lines of credit. Stable small and mid-sized companies that have physical assets or digital assets [intellectual property] of value, often obtain a line of credit to ensure they can cover their operational costs, including payroll expenses, manufacturing costs, new equipment purchases, etc.

If, however, the company seeking the line of credit is not able to show ample cash flow or cash assets to cover a loan, the lender may instead offer to approve the loan with the stipulation that the company’s physical assets or digital assets be used as collateral.

The terms and conditions of an asset-based loan, depending on the type and value of the assets offered as security. Lenders prefer highly liquid collateral (such as securities), which may be readily converted to cash should the borrower default on the payments. Loans using physical assets are considered riskier; therefore, the maximum loan amount is typically considerably less than the book value of the assets.  Interest rates vary widely, depending on the applicant’s credit history, cash flow, and length of time doing business.

L&M's Asset Valuation Division has extensive experience in assigning the proper value to all forms of inventory, plant, equipment, intellectual property, real estate, and recurring revenue streams.  L&M provides defendable, well-documented opinions of value to support lending and foreclosure decisions.  We also provide developed valuations to support the bidding process among lenders for asset-backed loans, in addition to enterprise valuations across a wide variety of industries.  Deliverables can be tailored specifically for each engagement to offer different levels of value based on a bank or company’s lending standards, including fair market value, net orderly liquidation value (NOLV) or net liquidation value (NLV).

Enterprise Valuations

Our team understands your primary internal and external value drivers and can provide the necessary research, insight, and professional opinion to support key business objectives. L&M’s Enterprise Valuation Team provides strategic direction for businesses during mission-critical periods.

We take a holistic approach to enterprise valuation subjects, and are experienced at evaluating a wide range of complex situations, including fractional equity interests, phantom shares, preferred shares, options, warrants, imbedded derivatives, LLC/partnership interests, business enterprise (invested capital), 100% equity, intangible assets, intellectual property, personal goodwill, debt, liabilities, whole plants, lease streams, molds and dies, and product lines. The L&M Enterprise Valuation Team manages all aspects of the valuation, such as business planning, ownership transition, litigation, financing, financial reporting, and tax management.

Investment Portfolio Valuations

L&M is unique in its ability to offer expertise on the complex investment portfolio of a business and its value or marketability within the context of private equity and hedge fund investing.

Our team members consist of top industry leaders who provide asset valuation, as well as specialized debt and equity capital financing, secured loans, unsecured loans, preferred equity, non-public or illiquid equity, convertible securities, warrants, options, mergers, acquisitions, sales, and bankruptcies, as well as a myriad of other transactions, including debt instruments.

Diligence Services

L&M provides pre-funding and due diligence appraisals on all classes of assets, including ongoing valuation updates and asset disposal. We provide top-level, strategic experience in financial, accounting, and business services such as tax expertise, servicing corporations, lenders, and insolvency practitioners.

Our appraiser teams focus on understanding how market forces and economic conditions affect asset values and revenue streams.  We conduct comprehensive, on-site inspections of the assets that apply one or more methods of the data analysis being appraised to ensure the accuracy and validity of the calculated asset value.

Fairness & Solvency Options

Our Asset Valuation Division is a unified group of specialists that furnishes accurate valuation across a wide range of business asset categories. Our findings are optimized in a variety of situations and asset classes. We provide methodical, objective, and unbiased solvency opinions to fiduciaries, investors, trustees, special committees, and boards of directors to facilitate informed and educated decisions.

L&M is a leading provider of reliable opinions for lenders, investment firms, corporations, and legal counsel on the realizable value of ongoing concerns that include intangible assets, witness reports, and deposition or trial preparation. We also provide opinions on fair value for investments not regularly traded in public markets – in general, all manner of illiquid investments.

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